Conference papers

“‘500 Pieces of New Music This Week’: Music Selling in New Zealand c1869” – paper presented at the “1869” Conference, Dunedin, 2019

“The Owner Bound Volume and its contents: popular sheet music for the piano in New Zealand 1840 to 1940” – paper presented at the New Zealand Historical Association Conference, Auckland 2017

“The Owner Bound Volume: Collector’s Album, Family Artefact or Cultural Object?” –  paper presented at the Australasian Victorian Studies Association, Conference, Melbourne, 2017

“Charles Begg & Co Ltd: ‘the Story of Music in New Zealand is the History of Begg’s’” – paper presented at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, 2016

“Unbinding New Zealand’s Musical Past: Owner Bound Volumes of Music and the Popular Sheet Music Trade 1840-1940” – paper presented to the IAML (NZ), Conference Dunedin, 2015

“Charles Begg and his pianos” – presentation to the New Zealand Piano Tuners and Technicians’ Guild

“The history of a New Zealand business: Charles Begg & Co Ltd” – presentation to the School Library Association of New Zealand