Musical Postcards


During the late nineteenth and early twentieth century there were many postcards issued relating to music.  Music dealers used them to promote their wares:

Garden of Memory waltz2

Adrian Hope’s “The Garden of Memory” was published by Chas Begg & Co Ltd around 1911

Chas Begg postcard reverse

Reverse of a Christmas greetings card sent by Chas Begg & Co Ltd

Bristol postcard.PNG

Card promoting The Bristol Piano Co and Hawke’s instruments played by the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders at the NZ and South Seas Exhibition in Dunedin, 1925

Stark instruments.PNG

Chas Begg & Co Ltd postcard promoting Henry Starck instruments, c1904

These three support the premise, identified by scholars in the US and the UK, that one of the reasons young women learned to play the piano was to improve their marriage prospects.

Music postcard 2A

This postcard is one of a Bamforth series.  The sender has crossed out the original girl’s name and replaced it.

Music postcard 1A

This card was sent to Jim.

Music postcard 4A

Another take on love and music.

Music postcard 3A